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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frozen Strawberry Dessert


3 cups frozen strawberries
3 cups vanilla hemp milk
3 - 4 TBSP organic maple syrup or to taste
1 TBSP vanilla essence


Blend all ingredients together til smooth 'n' creamy. Pour into glasses and serve immediately or chill and serve within a half hour of making.


  1. hi! :))
    Looks yummy!!!
    you know, being a south indian who has lived abroad for the greater part of my life, i really miss cakes and stuff like that ever since i gave up eggs when i was 12.
    (i was always a veggie as i was born into a Sri Vaishnava family)
    it's so tempting, wish i knew someone who'd make muffins and stuff without eggs :))

  2. Yes it is! And how about *you* be the someone to make muffins n stuff without eggs??! ;-)Its quite simple if you have a kitchen and ingredients, even if you arent a cook, I think its fun and worth a go!