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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Radhanath Swami on Hunger of the Heart

I love this quote from my spiritual teacher!! We need nourishment not just of our belly, but also of our heart and soul! :-)

"Charity is to help needy people. People need food, they need clothing, they need hospitalization and they need emotional encouragement. But they also need spiritual enlivenment, spiritual education. People’s hearts are starving, and the starvation of the heart causes much more problems than the starvation of the belly.

Starvation of the belly can be satisfied with food but it is very difficult to satisfy the hunger of the heart. It creates massive problems and disturbances within the world where we live. Unless we solve the hunger of the heart, people will be selfish, crooked and duplicitous. 

A saintly person weeps and cries in sorrow to see the poor man loitering in the street without food to eat, but weeps and cries perhaps even more to see the big executives in their offices who are spiritually starving in their hearts. Giving transcendental knowledge and spreading the congregational chanting of the holy names of God is actually the highest quality and more inclusive form of welfare. It satisfies the hunger of the heart. 

If you change the hearts of the people, if you make greedy, selfish people into compassionate instruments of God’s love, then everyone will be happy and internally satisfied. People will transcend their egoistic materialistic lives and will harmonize their concerns with the goal of spiritual enlightenment." - Radhanath Swami

Monday, September 24, 2012

Potato Roses

Hey folks!

Potato's! What's not to love?! :-) These pretty potato roses make a cute - romantic addition to any meal.

This recipe idea is something I saw online and I figured I'd give it a shot. I made these for my friend Mandali - for her lunchbox when she was leaving the USA on her travels to Europe.

It takes a little while to get the hang of making them right, so give yourself plenty of time.

A few medium large potato's ( I used red russets), wash and dry
Wooden cocktail sticks or toothpicks
Ghee or oil to fry
Sea salt

Slice potato's super thin. Roll a slice into a center petal and fix with a cocktail stick. Add more slices as outer petals. Add another cocktail stick, and fix potato slice petals to the ends of the sticks. Add a 3rd stick of necessary. You can play with the petals to make them look more realistic til the sticks are filled.

Drop into hot oil and fry on medium temperature - turning a couple times - til golden all over. Place in a colander lined with paper towel to drain. Keep on going til you have fried as many roses as you want.

1. Don't cut loads of potato slices and place in water because although it would prevent oxidization, it also makes them lose starch and become stiff and inflexible.
2. New potato's make a more crisp rose, old potato's make softer petals.
3. Warn your diner's that these have sticks in them so they don't skewer themselves in the mouth!!! Wisdom learned through experience!! ;-D

Arrange roses on a serving plate and sprinkle with salt. Delightful served hot or cold.

Roasted Veggies

Hey there! :-)

Here is a very simple dish to make - delicious roasted veggies. Also great baked and garnished with some fresh rosemary sprigs. Serves approx 5 people as part of a larger meal. Vegan.

3 cups fingerling potato's
1 medium orange yam, peeled
1 medium purple yam, peeled
2 cups Brussels sprouts
2-3 TBSP toasted sesame oil
Approx 1 small tsp asafoetida
Approx 1 tsp paprika
sea salt to taste

Preheat oven to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wash all veggies. Remove any blemished bits, cut off the hard base of the brussels, and cut all veggies into bits size chunks.

Pour oil into glass baking dish, add in veggies, and sprinkle on seasonings. Mix nicely to coat in oil and seasoning. Bake for approx 50 mins - 1 hr.

Offer with love and serve hot. 

BTW, these roast veggies also make excellent base for veggie kebabs. Just skewer them and add some baked paneer/tofu cubes or whatever else you like, and a hot barbecue sauce and you're all set! :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet Sesame Salad Dressing

For those asking for salad dressing recipes, here is a good one I made today. It's aromatic, flavorful and nutritious. :-)

Mix approx 1/4 cup of each of the following ingredients:
Extra virgin organic olive oil
Organic apple cider vinegar
Organic maple syrup or honey

Add in:

Approx 2 TBSP soya sauce
2 TBSP water - or as needed for desired consistency
1/2 cup ground roasted sesame seeds
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
A pinch each of black salt, black pepper, asafoetida
1/3 tsp paprika

Whisk everything together. You can add in some whole roasted sesame seeds for garnish if you like. Serve over salad of your choice.

Fluffy Choc Chip Muffins

If you know anything about my odyssey of attempts at baking with sprouted wheat flour - ahem - well, lets just say these are awesome fluffy muffins!! :-) Now I have to remember how I made them!

Makes 18 muffins. Vegan! :-)

Mix the below dry ingredients evenly in a big bowl:

Approx 3 cups sprouted wheat pancake and waffle mix (Arrowhead Mills)
Approx 3/4 cup sprouted wheat flour (Arrowhead Mills)
1 TBSP baking powder
1 tsp nutmeg
3-4 tsp cinnamon powder
1 cup vegan choc chips
1 cup chopped crystallized ginger pieces
3/4 cup orange flavor cranberries (Trader Joe's)

Blend these ingredients til smooth:

3/4 cup safflower oil
2 ripe banana's
1 1/4 cup maple syrup
2 TBSP vanilla essence
Approx 3/4-1 cup water

Pour the blended mix into the dry ingredients and mix. Dough should be kind of dense sticky but it will drop off a spoon.

Scoop generously into muffin cases in a muffin tray. Bake for approx 25 mins in a pre-heated oven at 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

To test done-ness gently press top of muffin with finger tip - it should spring back up. Remove from oven and allow to cool in trays. When cool peel off the muffin cases and arrange on a serving dish.

Serve cool as they are, or with a dollop of cream or pudding. :-)

Lemons Anyone?

A friend shared these tips with me, maybe you will benefit from it. Plain fresh lemon water also works nicely for detoxing.:-)

Detox Water

"Helps to maintain a flat belly. Great for your liver!


2 lemons and/or limes
1/2 cucumber 
3 quarts purified water

Use organic lemons, limes and cucumber, if possible. Wash thoroughly and cut into slices, then place into water. Infuse overnight in fridge to create a natural detox water that helps to flush impurities out of your system. Sip throughout the day."

Lemon Rinds to the Rescue:

Instead of reaching for commercial garbage disposal cleaners to rid your sink of that nasty smell, try tossing lemon rinds and ice cubes in the disposal while it’s running. It’ll give your sink a nice, fresh smell. It’s also a great alternative to throwing away used lemons. 


The Peace Prayer

Here is a beautiful message and prayer for peace from my spiritual teacher Radhanath Swami. :-)
"What is the true nature of peace? Peace is not simply the absence of war. Peace must exist within us first, then, we can give it to others and create a world of peace.
We live in a time when our lives are disturbed, our environment is polluted, our relationships are distorted by an unnatural living pace. We feel apprehensive even in simple ordinary daily activities because of crime. Our bodies are sick due to unnatural elements in our food and in our environment.We do not know how to look within, how to see what is important, how to culture a natural balance.
There is a simple means to bring all things, within and without, into balance. It is the peace prayer.If we individually or collectively culture the practice of the peace prayer, then many things can be adjusted, within ourselves, and without, in our society.
What is the peace prayer? It is the singing of the Holy Names of God. In all religions and in all scriptures, it is part of our human heritage to chant the names of God. In different traditions,different names of God are used. There may be different types of instruments used, but the idea is still the same: to glorify the Supreme Lord by singing. If we join together and sing the Names of God, then there is a true possibility of world peace. As people of the world, we need to increase this practice—the result will come. At least, we ourselves will begin to know peace. At least, on a smaller scale there will be peace. All things will start to come into adjustment. If enough people participate in the peace prayer, we will bring the world into another era of spiritual co-operation, love, and purity. It will not take a large percentage; even a seemingly insignificant percentage is enough to tip the scales.
The peace prayer can be done in a number of ways. It can be done individually or collectively. It can be done formally or informally. It can be done at any time, and at any place. It can be done using any name of God found in any of the great religious traditions of the world. It can be done using any style of music. It can be done in a temple, a synagogue, a church, or a mosque. It can be done in any setting. Take this idea to heart and express it in your own special way. Share this idea with others.
The mantra we mainly use here is one from the Vedic tradition. The Vedas are the scriptures of India. This mantra is from the Kali Santarana Upanishad, part of the Vedic literature. It is: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. This mantra is known as the great mantra for deliverance. It is solely comprised of the names of God: Hare, Krishna, and Rama.This particular mantra has been given as the prayer for inner union with God through service. It means, “My dear Lord, please engage me in Your service.” - Radhanath Swami
For more info visit: Here! :-)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Curried Green Beans

This is a super simple recipe and makes a nice side to a larger meal. The coconut oil gives a pleasant flavor and combines well with the curry spice. I like to serve green beans with mashed potato, veggie burgers and hot sauce, and salad - which is what I made for lunch today. :-)

Approx 4 cups fresh green beans, washed, tailed and headed and snapped in 1/2's
1 TBSP coconut oil
1 tsp curry powder
1/4 tsp asafoetida (optional)
Approx 2 TBSP water
1/2 tsp sea salt

Heat a sautee pan, and add coconut oil. When hot sprinkle in the spices, and stir-fry for a few seconds.
Add the beans and stir- fry a few seconds. Add water, and cover.

Cook approx 10 min over medium low heat til al dente (= they still have some crunch and a nice green color).When done, sprinkle in salt, stir, and remove from heat.

Serve hot. :-) Bonne Appetite!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Couscous Veggie Burgers

Ok my friend Devaki, here's the couscous veggie burger recipe you asked for. Hope you like it. I just made this recipe up today and I feel it could use some tweaking to get a more firm texture. I'm trying to get a nice texture while avoiding TVP, tofu and breadcrumbs which are usually used for this purpose, and I am not fully satisfied with the results yet, so lets say these a work in progress. But that said, Kunti and everyone here really liked them and said they are blog worthy, so let me know how they work for you. :-) This recipe makes approx 20 mini burgers.

1 1/2 cups wholewheat couscous
1 large carrot grated
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup frozen peas
1 small red bell pepper chopped fine
Approx 3/4 cup hot sauce ( I made my own)
3/4 -1 cup almond meal
1 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
Approx 4 TBSP liquid smoke
Approx 4 TBSP soya sauce
1 TBSP toasted sesame oil
2 TBSP beribere seasoning (Ethiopian hot spice)
1 TBSP asafoetida
3 TBSP basil
1 TBSP cumin powder
2 TBSP curry powder
1 TBSP paprika
Oil or ghee for pan frying

Cook couscous for approx 12 mins or til done in double the amount of water, along with the carrot, celery, peas, bell pepper, soya sauce, toasted sesame oil and liquid smoke. Remove from heat and allow to seam itself for another 5 mins (it should be fluffy and a little sticky is fine).

Put into a bowl and mash in the beribere seasoning, asafoetida, basil, cumin, curry powder, paprika, mozzarella cheese, hot sauce, and extra smoke if desired.

Set aside for 15 mins or so - to cool and save your hands (!) and it also helps the couscous absorb the liquid and become more firm.

Rub some ghee or oil onto your hands. Form the burger mix into rounds approx golf ball size and flatten into small thick patties - about an inch thick - they will be abit sticky, but its ok, they firm up more once cooked and cooled somewhat.

Pan fry over medium low heat, on a pre-heated griddle with a TBSP ghee or oil on it. Turn patties over carefully when dark brown on one side. When done remove from heat and set on a paper towel to absorb some of that oil! :-)

Serve with hot sauce and a salad. Great hot or cold.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burning Man Adventure 2012, Part 1

Hi folks! :-)

I hope you're all having a great Fall season.

I went for my second Burn at the Burning Man Arts Festival in Nevada, and it was the best - despite all the dust storms and physical inconveniences! I loved it and had a great time volunteering with our Krishna kitchen crew, who cooked for and camped with the Opulent Temple Camp this year. I'm so grateful I got to serve with the wonderful team we had! 

We cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for approx 200 people for more than a week (because KK also did some pre-burn service). I will introduce our KK crew 2012 with photo's below, since a picture speaks a million words better than I can! :-) Thank you to Gina, Bhava, Mandali, Jagadish and anyone else who provided photos. :-)

Our head chef, Nate, an empowered hard core cook, kind, wise father and friend to all - from Washington D.C. Because of him I was able to come and serve at this years Burn. And he generously offered Mandali and I the facility of his A.C. truck and took up austere quarters elsewhere,  just so we would be comfortable. I'm grateful to him for being such a selfless gentleman. 

In a sincere, humble mood of rendering devotional service, every day before entering the kitchen door he would reverentially touch his head to the earth, seeking the blessings of Sri Radha - Who, according to Bhakti yoga - is the embodiment of the divine feminine energy, and is in charge of the kitchen. So dear Burner friends, now you know why your food tasted so great!! :-) He got a huge round of applause every single lunch time for the nutritious tasty meals he cooked.

Mandali - beloved wife of the late Nitai (Krishna kitchen founder), bhakti yoga mystic, fashion designer, and our strong, inspired, divine priestess and friend - from New York. We all came to Burning Man this year because of her determination to do it for Nitai! And we felt his presence in everything which so magically flowed in happy service beyond our best hopes.

Dynamic Rasikananda - our enthusiastic, bold, 'jack of all trades' and graphic design genius from Tennessee, whose deadpan humor will keep you laughing all the way home! He was an empowered, inspired soul in making it possible for our Krishna Kitchen to even be able to do the Burn this year. 

Here he is holding the Divine Yajna Narayan - the "Original Burning Man" from Orissa, India! :-)

3 of our lively kitchen Ninja's:

Delightfully quick witted Radhanath, our photographer, upbeat trooper and kitchen helper - from Florida

Our amazing kitchen genie Mike, maker of salads, musician, open-hearted friend and food outreach monk - from San Antonio, Texas

Full of zest for life, Nitai, our focused kitchen assistant and cook, deadly fryer of frog fritters, who inspired us all with his enthusiasm to come to this Burn - all the way from Australia!

Mike with Yudhi - our kind, caring, sincere and hardworking cook, facilitator and on site KK manager with a big heart - from Laguna Beach

Advaita - our wonderful, inspiring "60 second meditation" monk, musician, artist, soul-gazing pied piper and kirtan night owl, an all round caring, supportive friend and stoic kitchen helper - from Croatia

Jagadish - our gentle, humble distributor of Nitai's burfi gifts, a nurse, and bhakti yoga practitioner. He was also Advaita's evening meditation side kick and unassuming serve-out / kitchen support man - from Pittsburgh

Nityodita - Nitai's Uncle, a dedicated kirtan man, senior bhakti yogi mystic, supportive presence, and all round kitchen helper - from Pennsylvania

Rare occurance! Our Krishna Kitchen crew actually having a meeting all together over dinner!

Yours truly - side kick to Nate and support to dear Mandali, artistic dessert and salad dressing creator and designer - from Ireland

And behind the scenes:

Tuka - our manager of Krishna Kitchen - the mover and shaker who stays in the background, strong, supportive and expert, the powerful voice of big brother checking in on you over the phone - from California

Dear, beautiful, sensitive Tashi - our guardian angel and goddess from Opulent Temple :-) Because of her vision and determination we had the opportunity to cook for OT Camp.

Sweet, friendly, caring Gina - with our boys, now part of the Krishna Kitchen family - she was another special angel with Opulent Temple

April - our wonderful, enthusiastic, cheerful patient driver and all round helper, a beautiful friend and sister with smiling eyes

Big hearted Anna - our kind host and Auntie to all of us, and patient driver who goes the extra mile to serve. Together with her husband Wayne she is caretaker of Krishna camp art and supplies

Nanda - our long distance, off site menu planner and recipe supplier this year, she is an inspired cook and bhakti yoga teacher in Boston

Bhava and Govinda - incredible cooks who came and cooked an evening meal giving the regular KK crew a break. :-) Thank you, I still remember that fantastic creamy coconut kofta sauce you made - I want the recipe!

Hari and Samantha - supportive friends skilled in the art of Thai massage, they relieved the worn shoulders of some of our crew with their healing hands! :-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rice 'n' Tofu Burgers

Hey all you veggie burger and barbecue lovers!

I just created my own veggie burger here, and since these were a hit at home, so why doent you give 'em a shot. :-)

But you will have to figure out your own amounts for the spicing because I didnt keep track of how much seasoning I used, I simply added a dash of this and that from the list below.

This are totally vegan friendly if you use oil rather than ghee for the pan frying. :-) Makes approx 14 small burgers.

1 cup organic brown basmati rice
1 cup short grain brown rice
1/2 cup wholewheat couscous
2 organic carrots shredded
1 red bell pepper cut small
2 sticks celery chopped fine (optional)
1 TBSP oil or ghee
1 tsp sea salt
4-5 cups water as needed - enough to cook til rice grains are slightly mushy.

Cook all the above together, adding the couscous approx 20 mins before the rice is ready.

Mix and mash the above cooked rice mixture in a big mixing bowl with the following:

1 pkg firm organic tofu, crumbled
1/2 cup cooked crushed tomato barbecue sauce (I made my own - seasoned with olive oil, basil, salt, asafoetida, blk pepper, lemon juice/apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, liquid smoke. I made extra of this sauce to serve with the burgers).
3 TBSP organic sprouted wheat flour to help bind the mixture.

Add in the following spices etc., according to taste:
Beribere seasoning (Ethiopian spice)
Cumin powder
Dried basil
Sea salt
Liquid smoke
Blk pepper

Ghee or oil for pan frying

Heat a cast iron griddle. Add 1 TBSP ghee or oil. Form medium small patties in your palms and place onto the griddle. Turn when dark brown on bottom (flip carefully and avoid excess handling - they are fragile while hot).

When both sides are done place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

These delicious spicy burgers are great hot or cold as part of a larger meal or for snacking on. :-)

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Pie

Good afternoon folks! :-)

Its beginning to look and feel like Autumn outside with leaves falling and a fresh note of coolness in the air. I simply love this time of the year! :-) 

I just got out of the kitchen from cooking lunch, which was brown rice veggie burgers and ketchup, baked pesto pasta using homemade pesto, salad, and a dessert. Today's special experiment was the dessert - a vegan raspberry chocolate mousse pie. Ive been wanting to try making a chocolate mousse with avocado's for a long time, so I'm really pleased I finally tried the idea out. 

My friend Mandali who is staying with me right now told me this recipe is definitely delicious and blog worthy! :-) So happy dessert making to you! 

Makes 1 standard size pie = approx 8-10 servings. Prep time is approx 1/2 an hr.

Pie Crust:
Approx 1 1/2 cups quick oats
Approx 1 cup sprouted pancake and waffle mix flour (Arrowhead Mills)
3-4 TBSP organic coconut oil
Approx 3/4 cup fine raw cane sugar
1 pinch sea salt
1 tsp vanilla essence or powder
water as needed

Add all ingredients except water into a mixing bowl. Rub oil into dry ingredients. Add enough water to make the mixture moist enough to form into a smooth pastry.

Press a thin layer into an oiled glass pie dish. Bake the pie shell at 385 degrees Fahrenheit til golden brown. Set aside to cool. You can form the extra pastry into leaf shapes and bake separately for use as decorations.

Alternative no-bake crust:
1 cup mejool dates, cut into pieces
11/2 cup walnuts or almonds
pinch sea salt
1 tsp vanilla essence

Whiz the nuts up in spice grinder to medium fine powder. In a bowl mix dates, nuts, salt and vanilla. Mash til dates are broken up and you have a nice pastry. Press into a pie dish and chill for an hour or so in the fridge, or if you are in a hurry, flash freeze it in the freezer to your desired firm texture.

Mousse Filling:
3 perfectly ripe avocados, peel, remove stone, and cut avocado's into slices, removing any dark spots/blemishes
Approx 1 1/2 cups maple syrup
Approx 1 1/4 cup of organic cocoa powder
Approx 2-3 TBSP extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil or to taste
Approx 3 tsp vanilla essence
6 mejool dates, pitted

Blend everything together til smooth. Pour into cooled pie shell. 

You can also serve this mousse as is, chilled with raspberries, peaches, sprinkled with nuts etc., or as a frosting, in a trifle, or use as a cream for a cake. 

Pie Decor:
1 cup of fresh raspberries 
Baked pastry leaves 

Decorate with baked leaf shapes and raspberries. Best served chilled.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Walnut Burfi in memory of Nitai

Here is the recipe for a tasty short-cut Burfi, or Indian fudge, which I had the service of making this year at Burning Man in honor of the late Nitai Das (Elisha Drury - pictured above), founder of our Krishna Kitchen. 

The ingredients for this Burfi were sponsored by Carmen Ordonez, Nitai's loving Mom. Thank you! :-) I tweaked a Burfi recipe I'd been given til I liked it e.g. adding more liquid and more flavor.

 The original recipe also called for raisins - which we didnt have - so I made it with sweetened cranberries instead a couple of times.  I would prefer to make this with brown sugar, or an alternative, more healthy sweetener, but for this particular event I had to work with the ingredients I had at hand. It tastes alot like white chocolate! :-)

This recipe makes a very big tray full of Burfi, you would get at least 50-70 pieces out of this depending on what size you cut the squares into. Takes approx 20 minutes to make from beginning to end. So here goes!


5 cups melted butter
10 cups white sugar (you could reduce the sugar by a cup or so if you prefer it less sweet)
2 3/4 - 3 cups whole milk
Approx 3 TBSP vanilla essence
10 cups whole milk powder
Approx 21/2 cups roughly crushed walnuts

Alternative flavors I made included; 
orange essence, walnut and cranberry
orange essence, lemon zest, walnut and chocolate chip


Place butter into a heavy bottomed wide pot and turn to medium heat. Beat sugar into butter and bring to a full boil. Boil for approx 4 mins til very lightly golden = so it becomes somewhat caramelized. 

Add in milk and vanilla essence and boil til sugar is dissolved.

Lower heat, and whisk in the milk powder, beating out any lumps. Add in walnuts, and cook for a few more minutes, stirring constantly so it doesn't burn.

Pour onto a buttered baking sheet/tray and smooth out with a spatula. Allow to cool. It is easiest to cut into squares or rectangles before it is fully hardened. You can chill it to speed up the process. Offer to Krishna and serve when fully cooled and set. Delicious! :-)

We wrapped the squares in aluminium foil for distribution, as gifts from our Krishna Kitchen to our fellow Burners, along with a small mantra meditation and ingredient card, designed by our friend Nandi Coupal, wife of our awesome head chef this year - Nate.  

We got plenty of rave reviews and people asking for seconds and thirds of this sweet treat! :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Art of Preparing Spiritual Food

To get right on track, here is a quote from my spiritual grandfather Srila Prabhupada, on the art of preparing spiritual, karma-free food, or prasadam, as it's known in the Krishna culture. 

"We have to understand that Krishna is the only enjoyer. The consciousness of this is developed in a Krishna Conscious temple, where the central point of all activities is Krishna. All cooking is carried out for Krishna, not for one’s own purposes. Ultimately we shall eat the prasadam, but when we cook we should think that we are cooking for Krishna and not for ourselves. When you cook, if you think, “Oh, this nice thing is being cooked. I shall eat it very nicely,” then it is not Krishna. But while cooking, if you think, “Let me do it very nicely so that Krishna will taste it,” it is Krishna consciousness. "

- [Lecture: SB 1.5.13, New Vrindaban, 13/06/69]

So if we prepare food in this mood then it is a selfless meditation and our love permeates our offering and that love is what Krishna or God accepts. He doesnt need offerings of food but He kindly accepts whatever we offer with love - for our spiritual benefit. In Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 9.26, Krishna says; 

patram puspam phalam toyam 
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.

In this way we can connect with God through food, directing our affection to Him and our friends, family etc., with Him in the center. Then the food we prepare becomes spiritualized and karma-free because we are not taking it for ourselves as such, but honoring it as His prasadam or mercy after offerng it in sacrifice to Him. By affectionately putting Krishna first, He takes away any negative entanglements which we would otherwise accrue when we put ourselves in the center. This naturally frees us up to make spiritual progress towards transcendental loving service to God and our true happiness more quickly. :-)

This consciousness of intentionally preparing food with love for the pleasure of the Divine Godhead, and His acceptance of our love is the secret ingredient in Krishna food - that is what makes it taste so good!! :-)