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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lemons Anyone?

A friend shared these tips with me, maybe you will benefit from it. Plain fresh lemon water also works nicely for detoxing.:-)

Detox Water

"Helps to maintain a flat belly. Great for your liver!


2 lemons and/or limes
1/2 cucumber 
3 quarts purified water

Use organic lemons, limes and cucumber, if possible. Wash thoroughly and cut into slices, then place into water. Infuse overnight in fridge to create a natural detox water that helps to flush impurities out of your system. Sip throughout the day."

Lemon Rinds to the Rescue:

Instead of reaching for commercial garbage disposal cleaners to rid your sink of that nasty smell, try tossing lemon rinds and ice cubes in the disposal while it’s running. It’ll give your sink a nice, fresh smell. It’s also a great alternative to throwing away used lemons. 



  1. I guess this can be accomplished through this method, but the original lemonade diet is preferable.