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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sprouted Wheat Samosa's

Samosa's are a type of Indian bread filled with scrumptious spiced vegetables, typically cauliflower, potatos and peas. I like creating new fillings, and have come up with a few I really like and use regularly. Usually samosa's are deep fried, but I like to bake them instead for health reasons.

I have been experimenting with how to use sprouted wheat flour . It has a different texture than refined flour and takes abit of getting used to in that regard, but its much healthier for the body and it is tasty too. I finally created a pastry I was satisfied with today, so here it is. :-)


Approx 3 1/2 cups sprouted wheat flour
1 tsp sea salt
4 big TBSP soft ghee (clarified butter)
Enough warm water to make a smooth medium soft dough

Mix the flour and salt, and then rub in the ghee til it resembles coarse bread crumbs. Slowly add in the water (important that its warm), as you mix til you get the desired consistency. Knead for 5 mins til lovely and smooth. Set aside for 1/2 hr (this really helps it to bind together).


6 medium large potatos, peeled and cubed small
6 sticks of celery, washed, de-strung, and chopped small
1 large red bell pepper, washed, de-seeded, and cubed small
1 TBSP ghee
2 TBSP dried Oregano
1 tsp asafoetida
2 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp coriander powder
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp ground blk pepper
1/4 tsp of blk salt (optional)
2 TBSP sea salt or to taste

Heat the ghee in a sautee pan over medium heat.
Add in the first 4 spices and stir-fry for a few seconds.

Add in the vegetables, and the rest of the spices and seasoning.
Stir well coating the veggies evenly with the spices. Sautee a few mins, stiring as needed.
Then add in 3 TBSP water, cover and cook til tender. Uncover and allow to cool somewhat.

Meanwhile preheat oven to 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

Break pieces off your pastry and roll in your palms - approx the size of a golf ball.
Roll out into round disks. (Dont use flour on the rolling surface as it will make them too dry).

Take approx 2 TBSP of the potato filling you prepared and place onto the middle of the rolled out disk. Gather one edge of the pastry and fold it over the filling to meet the other edge of pastry. Pinch or twist the edges together to seal them.

Place on a lightly oiled baking tray. Bake the samosa's for approx 20-25mins. Makes approx 12 servings.

Great served with a chutney, as a snack, or part of a larger meal. :-) Delicious either hot or cold.

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